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It's the weekend before spring break ends, which means I am finally getting around to finishing (starting) the things on my to-do list! I am a task-oriented person, so what I should have done was write down "read book" and "beach" and "hang out in PJs until Noon" on my list. That way, I'd sure have a lot more accomplished in my mind! But you know what, it actually felt great to have a week to myself. Lendrum did not have spring break with me, so he spent most of his time at school or studying when he was home. Such is life when your husband is in med school. It's not all work and grime, though. We've had some pretty fun memories these past few months.

To start, let's go wayyyy back to Christmas in California with my family! I just love my family! I wish I could see them more than I do. We took some fun family photos with Julia's sister-in-law, who did an awesome job! We took a harbor tour of the San Diego bay, which was gorgeous. The best was getting to see the sun set on the water. On another night, we went to see the Christmas lights at the Mission Inn. There were so many lights! We took a million pics, but I'll just post one here, don't worry. As always, my dad cooked a feast for our Christmas meals. As always, we watched our fav Christmas movies (Christmas Vacation and The Santa Clause, nicknamed Fat Tummy Santa). Now I just have to wait until June, when my parents come visit us in Charleston!

Between Christmas and now, life has been pretty normal for us. I am still loving my job as a fourth grade teacher and Lendrum is loving the learning aspect of medical school. We really try to make time for us, and I am very appreciative of Lendrum working so hard during the week so that we can go out on the weekends.

Speaking of making time for us, we were very fortunate to be able to get away for a long weekend to Panama City Beach in Florida a couple weeks ago! We loved the view from our hotel room, being right on the beach. Nothing beats falling asleep to the sound of the ocean right outside your window. It was a much appreciated getaway! The weather was hit-or-miss (mostly miss) but we still took advantage of one warm and sunny day! It was great to just relax and read books on the beach, and if it rained, we just went back to our room and enjoyed the view from inside. I love to make my vacations into activity-filled marathons, but it was actually wonderful to chill out this time.

Finally, our biggest news: WE GOT A DOG. Yes! We adopted a sweet, five-year-old Boston Terrier from a rescue in Florida. We picked her up on our way back from PCB. We have been wanting to get a dog for a while now. Of course, I wanted a Boston because of my good memories with little Oreo! I mean, how can you not love those little smushed-faced, bug-eyed, tuxedo-wearing dogs?! Getting a Boston was serious business though. We had to fill out an application, complete a phone interview, and have a home visit before we made it onto the "approved adopter" list. Yes, a home visit- you read that correctly. Next, we had to be matched up with the perfect dog that fit our criteria (we don't have a yard, we are gone for a long period of time during the day, we don't have other dogs, etc, etc.). That landed us with our little Cocoa! She is a joy! One problem: she is socially awkward around other dogs. When we see another dog on our walks, I have to distract her to make sure we don't embarrass ourselves ;) We're working on it though. Besides that, she is nothing but smiles! She is potty trained, spayed, micro-chipped, and up to date on her vet records/shots. We are happy she has joined our family.

That's all for now! Hoping to post some more family pics from Christmas when I get a chance. Now back to enjoying the last few days of spring break.....

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