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8:03:00 PM

Lendrum got some tools for Christmas, so I put him to work. I've been dying to get some more frames up in our house, but we felt bad always borrowing tools from our neighbors. Our apartment still has a long way to go, but it looks a little better than it did before Christmas break. We are afraid that the massive canvas of ourselves above the couch is a little...vain. Haha. Whatever, I like the picture and we don't really have anything else to fill the space. 

My week is up and down as far as my schedule goes. The first few days of the week are jam-packed with classes and homework, but its looking like my schedule opens up toward the end of the week. Thank goodness. I got five hours of sleep last night. Today I had the wonderful opportunity to go into a kindergarten classroom again. I just can't wait to get back to another practicum! I also turned in my internship application yesterday. Interviews start in March. Fingers crossed! 

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