Nichols Reunion 2015

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We had the summer of a lifetime this year! One of our highlights was visiting the ranch in Idaho for the 2015 Nichols Family reunion. We both love the ranch so much and had a wonderful time with the fun family that I married into. Some of our memories include playing with the goats, bunnies, and chickens. We went four wheeling, tubing down the Bear River, horseback riding, hiking up a mountain, and sliding down the flume. We had a wonderful chef who cooked all our meals and they were fantastic! As much as I love all the fun things there is to do at the ranch, what I enjoyed the most was being able to spend a week with Lendrum's extended family. They are amazing people and I loved getting to know them better. We had so much fun playing games together, dancing, sitting around the camp fire, and sharing laughs at dinner. And I love nature and getting to hang out with horses and chickens all week!

Four wheeler ride with my main squeeze

These little guys were so cute I could eat them up (not literally)

Yes, in Idaho you use a flume as a water slide and it is fantastic!

Anyone here seen the flume say yeahhh!

We went in a cave/tunnel that connected to the flume. I was scared for some reason...

Rope swing was great!

This has to be the best photo of the reunion. Go Aunt Chris!

Redneck water slide with the sissy

Horseback riding with the hubby. 

So thankful for this one in my life

Ranch times are the best times. 

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