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There are no amount of words or tears to describe what it's like leaving. I've left so much behind me in the past few weeks, and as excited as I am to move forward, I'd like to take a moment to reflect on what is now the past.

Best kids out there. 
I never thought I would be sad to leave Provo, Utah. But in my final few weeks in the bubble, I couldn't help but think about all that I accomplished there. I started and graduated college. I met my husband and got married. I made lifelong friends. I started and finished my first year as a teacher. That's A LOT of stuff. Meaningful stuff. I guess it's just the sentimentality of it all that made it hard. I've grown so much in the past five years I've been in Provo. 

As oddly sentimental as I was about leaving Provo, I was even more torn up about leaving my first class and school where I taught. Eight months ago, I knew close to nothing about teaching a class full of students! And although I know I still have lots to learn, I really felt like I accomplished so much. I really grew to LOVE all 28 of my students and I am still constantly thinking about them haha. It made me SO sad to know that when they walked out my classroom door, I would probably never see any of them again. I spent every day with these kids. And I put my heart and soul into helping them grow. It just seemed such a sudden thing to say goodbye. Needless to say, I cried like a baby on the last day of school, and so did my kids. South Carolina is just, well, far away. I will never forget this year. I made so many wonderful friends at East Meadows Elementary. I had the best team of fifth grade teachers I could ever ask for. I learned so much from them. My facilitator was amazing and went out of her way to make sure I was successful. You just get attached to these people you see every day. I couldn't ever ask for a better experience as a first year teacher. Not in a million years. 

Now, I am eagerly anticipating my sister's wedding here in California. TWO DAYS. I am so excited! She really is marrying the best guy. Aren't weddings just the best? Following the wedding, it's a short three day drive for Lendrum and me. HOORAY. But every time I complain, I think my ancestors in heaven are rolling their eyes at me. It took them months to travel that far haha. Perspective. 

Fun water day with the kids! I got soaked!

Thank goodness for Katie. Sometimes you just need a minute. 

Group hug! Tears all around. 

Some of my favorite ladies right here!

Our awesome neighbors and my sister managed to help make everything fit!

"Found my foundation,
It was underneath me all along.
On this path I'm on,
Now I never walk alone. 
And I don't want to disappear from here, or now, or you." 
-Jack Johnson

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  1. Christine,

    As a once-upon-a-time teacher I totally know how you feel. It's tough to end a school year even if you're staying but it's tougher to end when destiny takes you elsewhere.
    I had a number of students I was fond of, who made an impression on my life as much as I did theirs. I think of them often, hoping and praying they are safe and on their way to success.
    Remember them, cuz one day you'll be watching (either by accident or intentionally) college sports and you'll hear the announcer say their names and you'll say, "Wow, I remember that kid when..." and you'll know you had just a weeee bit of positive influence in that child's life.

    Luv Ya,
    Sis. K (;


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