Spookiest Place on Earth

8:53:00 PM

Okay, maybe not the spookiest place on Earth. But what a wonderful time we had at Disneyland! I had Thursday and Friday off work for fall break and we were very fortunate to land free park hopper tickets to Disneyland and California Adventure. Lendrum had never been to Disneyland, the poor thing! I was determined to convert him. I think I was pretty successful too. We picked a good day- not too crowded, perfect weather, and the park was all decorated for Halloween! It really was just the perfect day! We packed a lunch and ate dinner at Pizza Port, my favorite. Disneyland was just as magical as I remembered. I just want to go back!

Julia came down with us to California as well, so it was a blast to have the whole family back together. We continued on the tradition of going to Oak Glen, a little mountain town that is famous for their apple orchards. We had a nice picnic up in the foothills and ate delicious caramel apples! It also happened to be the weekend of my high school homecoming football game, so we all went to that as well. It was kind of fun to be back. I can't believe that was more than four years ago.

It was a fun, quick trip. Good thing I had a fall break so I could make everyone else in my family skip a day of school and work! Lendrum is paying the price this week though-he's been studying nonstop and had three tests today! Worth it? Definitely.

The happiest place :)

Lendrum was such a good sport! 


Radiator Springs in California Adventure! Plus the stroller brigade... 

First Timer!


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  1. I almost went that same day! (It ended up not working out though.) That would've been so fun to run into you guys. I'm glad you're working to convert Lenny to Disneyland. Haha.


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