Warm weather deserves a post

8:34:00 PM

Or, maybe the fact that I haven't blogged in three months.Oops.

We had a blast in California for Christmas! It's always wonderful to see my family. And the weather was beautiful, as it almost always is. One of the highlights of the trip was Lendrum getting us free Jamba Juice every morning. Well, almost every morning. The workers started to catch on that he was using his ISIS mobile wallet app to take home six smoothies (sometimes more) at a time. For some reason, they didn't like that. Anyway, it was nice while it lasted! Here are some pictures of us caroling on a double decker bus with my home ward and a trip to Temple Square before we left Utah.

Speaking of California, I had the chance to go back home again for Corinne's wedding last month! She was stunning! And now, she is my neighbor here at Union Square! I was so happy to be there for her wedding. There's just nothing better than seeing one of your best friends get married. There really just isn't. Here are some photos to prove how happy of a day it was.

Three interesting things that have happened recently:

1. I've been working on my new years resolution to read more books and have finished five books since the beginning of this year (not including books I read with my students). This is a SERIOUS accomplishment for me!

2. I BOOKED A CRUISE. Don't get too excited. It's just a cheap Mexican Carnival cruise that I'm going on during my spring break (I get one of those now!) with my teacher friend, Katie. Still, I'm leaving the country for the first time!

3. We got Quarry passes. Lendrum and I have been going to an indoor rock climbing gym three to four times a week now. It is a really fun thing to do in the winter, when the weather is cold. And now that we have passes, it's a great thing for us to do together whenever we want!

I would write more interesting things, but I am needing to do some serious grocery shopping now. That and there's probably not much more to tell at the moment. Oh, did I mention that I love my job?

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