Wedding Time!

11:27:00 PM

We've been through a lot, Brandi and I. Sunday school, newspaper, beach trips, carpools, mutual, sleepovers, girls camp, band practices, theme parks, high school crisises, boy problems, late night phone calls, classes, laughing so hard we can't breath, inside jokes, and now two for each of us :) I love this girl to death and cannot even imagine high school or life without her!

If you know Brandi, you know that she has been taking "wedding notes" since she was a little girl. I remember one of the first times that I went over to her house, she pulled out a wedding binder. Inside were photos and notes of things she wanted for her future wedding. So needless to say, I wanted everything to be perfect for her real wedding! And this, of course, started with marrying the perfect guy. Cameron is wonderful and I couldn't ask for someone better for my bestie. It's been three long years (at least), but I am so glad that they are so happily married now.

There were so many times I almost cried during this wonderful day. No, I'm not pregnant, just sappy and sentimental. There's just something about weddings! It brought me back to my own wedding, almost nine months ago. But I just loved how happy Brandi and Cameron looked. The reception was beautiful, and I was surrounded by my very best friends. Brandi looked absolutely stunning. The whole day was just the best.

I am so grateful for my best friends. I just love that when we get together, not a single thing changes. Sure, two of us have rings on our fingers now, but other than that, we are the same immature, ridiculous, silly girls that we were back then. We have all grown up so much, but we haven't outgrown our friendship. #cheesyalert

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  1. Awww you made me want to cry!! Love you!! You are too cute!! I loved having you there along with all of the DHFBFFs lol. I will never forget it!!


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