Chick Story

2:35:00 PM

It all started watching the baby ducklings at the duck pond. They were just too cute! We could go to the duck pond often just to watch the ducklings play. Well, one thing led to another, and soon we decided that it would be fun get our own baby chicks. We found a lady who was selling them cheap, so we bought five little babies, all just two-days old! They were seriously the most adorable little chicks ever. We put them in a cardboard box, bought some chick feed and a water container, and watched the little guys grow. 

It's been over a month since we bought our babes, and let me just say it has been a blast! We will just sit and watch the chicks play, completely losing track of time. And boy, do they grow fast! I can't believe they used to fit in the palm of my hand just a month ago. We love taking them outside our apartment complex and letting them run around and eat bugs. They never venture off too far, and always come back to us eventually. We've also taken them to our garden plot to let them eat bugs there. They just love it. 

Unfortunately, we can't have five grown chickens running around our apartment. My cousin has offered to take them when they get too big for us. Who knew you could get so attached to dumb little chickens? But really, they are the cutest. 

Little fuzz balls the day they came home with us

Father's Day with the kids
Just exploring outside
Ross is probably our favorite. Look how much they grow!

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  1. They are so cute! You guys became parents before us! haha


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