Fifth Grade

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Practicum is now in full swing and I have been with fifth graders for over a week now. I just LOVE my class! I am at Art City Elementary School in Springville. The best word to describe my class is exuberant. I'm pretty sure fifth grade boys never run out of energy. Ever. At least this is the case in my class. The kids are wonderful, they just have a lot to say about, well, everything! I was really worried that this might be a problem during my lessons. I wanted the kids to know that I was still down for having fun, but that I had high expectations for what they should be doing while I am teaching. So far, it hasn't been a problem at all. I just make sure that they know what I expect, and I don't accept anything less.

My biggest struggle: teaching math. My mentor teacher has put me in charge of teaching all the math for the time that I am there. I am really trying to get the kids to know WHY they do things, not just formulas and algorithms. I'll be honest, it seems so much easier to teach the standard algorithm right up front. But I know that my students will understand and remember math better if they explore concepts and come up with methods themselves. This means more work for me and the students, but I think they will have a better grasp of math concepts by the time I'm through. That's my goal.

This week has just been really stressful, but it's a good kind of stress. With practicum and two jobs, I'm up until about 1am every night planning lessons, but I actually enjoy planning for now. I love that I am teaching real students. And not just real students, but enthusiastic kids who I have gotten to know over this past week. I am getting a feel for how the students learn, who might need extra help, and what motivates them. I love learning more about my students every day. And, let's be honest: fifth graders are hilarious!

First day in 5th grade doesn't seem too bad 

Fun Friday Auction. This was the funniest thing to those kids.

Just a little treat at Art City Trolley. #teacherfriends #cardigantwins

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  1. AH! You're so close to me. And I love Art City Trolley.


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