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After three days of driving, we finally made it to our new home: South Carolina! The drive was long. Very long. But we snapped a few cool pictures along the way. It was fun watching the scenery change. At first, it was a complete desert. But as we drove further east, it became more and more green. It's pretty amazing this is all part of the United States. 

We passed this HUGE wind farm in the Palm Springs area

I got to see Kaitlyn in Fort Worth, TX! We had some tasty BBQ for dinner. Classic Texas.
Obligatory picture in front of the Texas sign. We spent 11 hours diving through this state!

Louisiana. Officially in the South! 

Louisiana sunset.

We managed to move from Utah to South Carolina without renting a moving truck! It was sure a lot of work! We boxed up 26 boxes and shipped them on a Greyhound bus to Charleston. It was MUCH cheaper than the postal service. This worked out well for us because we do not own any furniture; our Provo apartment came furnished. So we did not have to pay for a moving truck or pod. Go us! 

My first day in South Carolina went something like this. I struggled to deposit a check at the bank-I'd never sent a check flying up a tube before! I couldn't see where I was driving-there are so many trees! I almost ran into another car-there were two streets with the same name "Johnny Dodds." I got asked out on a date at the library-by a man with a braided ponytail. I took a wrong turn on the Isle of Palms Connector-I couldn't turn back until I was at the beach! Luckily, Kori and I got to chat for a while. And that made my day a whole lot better. I just felt so out of place. Like I didn't belong. I still feel that way a little bit. And I know it will just take some time. 

Sometimes, change is hard just because it is, well, change. For five years, I surrounded myself with friends I'd made. I had a wonderful teaching job. I knew where everything was. I had a purpose. Now, I have few friends, no job, and I don't know where anything is. I think I was so excited to start a new adventure, I forgot to account for the adjustment period. I know it will get easier as I get used to this new place that will be my home for a while. And I am excited for that. :)

Also, I experienced a SICK thunderstorm this afternoon. It shook the house like crazy! I went outside to watch it and ran back inside for a second because I was legitimately SCARED. 

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