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We took full advantage of Lendum's one week off school to go on a little trip to the nation's capitol. Say what you want about politics and our government; exploring America's history and the ideals it was founded upon was absolutely fascinating. We did it all. Well, actually we probably only did 10% of all the things there is to do in DC. But we did all the highlights. Monuments, parks, tours, museums, food, and WALKING. Oh my gosh we did so much walking. Does that mean we are out of shape? Ehhhh....probably. 

One of our favorite things about the trip was seeing our good friends Drew and Karisa! They were the best hosts. It's always fun to see old friends after college. We also enjoyed riding the metro! I'm sure the people who take the metro to and from work every single day don't think anything of it. But it was different and fun for us. 

We loved seeing these two again! 

First time on the Metro! 

Teddy Roosevelt Island 

As far as monuments go, I think we did them all. My favorites were the Lincoln Memorial and the Vietnam Wall. They both had a sacred reverence to them. It is just really humbling to be there in person and to think about the people the monuments are dedicated to. It's pretty amazing. We loved all the museums, but our favorite was the Holocaust Museum. Wow. We all learn about the Holocaust, but visiting the museum definitely gave me a new perspective on the value of human life. The National Archives was another incredible place. Assuming Nicholas Cage didn't actually steal them, we got to see the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. Pretty COOL.

Total tourist and proud

Hanging with Abe 

Standing where Dr. King stood to address the country

We saw and did so much more, but I'll save the tedious listing for my journal. DC is such an interesting place. We loved being in the middle of everything and then being able to enjoy the charming city of Old Towne Alexandria at night. And it was fun to just get away before we start school and work. I love going on adventures with the husband. We always have so much fun together.

View from the top of the Washington Monument

Supreme hottie 
Always an adventure with this man

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