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Tomorrow I am a teacher again.

It's been a busy semester, and although I know that starting my one-month teaching practicum will bring stress of its own kind, it is definitely rewarding to teach real children and see them grow. I had such an incredible practicum experience last semester in Kindergarten, I almost worry that I will be disappointed this time around. And instead of miniature, adorable humans, I am getting big, bad fifth graders! I am so excited for this challenge. I can throw a little bit more of my personality into my lessons and will relate a little more with the older kids, who have had twice the life experience as my sweet kindergarteners. I really cannot wait to see how much I have grown at the end of March.

Teaching and children are my passion. What an honorable position to hold as teacher: one who truly makes a difference in the lives of the next generation. I take great offense by people who imply that teaching is a waste of a career, and that education is an avenue for people who have no other aspirations in life, and decide they "might as well" teach. I hope that these people change their view when they have children of their own and can see the impact that teachers have. I hope to be one of those teachers who change the opinions of people who look down on teachers as a "second rate" position. I put my heart and soul into this profession.

Here's to many more learning opportunities in the next month, and to becoming the best teacher I can be! And let's hope I survive subbing my mystery class tomorrow...

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  1. Yay! Good luck today. I am sure you will be great.

    Teaching is even more than I hoped it would be. I hope next year is the same for you :)


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