Valentines Day Weekend

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What do you do when you and the husband both work on Valentines Day? You make a weekend out of it, of course! The day was still filled with plenty of goodies though. I woke up early and surprised Lendrum with Krispy Kreme doughnuts (shaped like heats to keep it cheesy) and he gave me some dark chocolate, Nutella, and a bottle of Martinelli's. We went out to lunch at Zuppa's on Valentines Day, which is always a lunch favorite. I didn't even care that we went there two weeks earlier! We were both so full from lunch by the time dinner time rolled around, so we just snacked on some veggies and our DELICIOUS Shari's Berries that Stephanie sent us!  I tried to make it romantic by laying out a valentines blanket as a table cloth and putting out some candles and goblets for our Martinelli's. It was quite the setting for vegetable eating! I got Lendrum a razor charger chord. So romantic, I know. But I was tired of him waiting until he saw McKay to switch the one chord that they shared between the two of them. I tired to make it cute by hanging paper hearts from the chord. I still think Lendrum thinks it was an unnecessary gift. But hey, that's what Valentines Day is all about right? 

Like I said, we had a fun Valentine's weekend planned as well. The best surprise of all was Sophie, an adorable little pomchi puppy! No, I didn't get to keep her. Lendrum rented her for a few hours. Isn't that funny that you can rent puppies? We had such a fun time with the lil pup. She was so hyper for the first hour and then she cuddled up and slept in my lap for a while. McKay and his girlfriend Holly came over to play with her too. We took her to the park and played with her there for about a half hour. She was just the cutest little thing! And the best part is that Lendrum loved her, so now he says we can get a puppy someday....that's progress. 

I love going out to breakfast, so on Saturday morning Lendrum and I went to Kneaders and got the endless french toast. Oh my goodness. Heaven. I couldn't eat more than two, but Lendrum managed to eat four pieces. The slices were super thick, and topped with strawberries and cream. I brought my Nutella that Lendrum gave me for Valentines Day and put that on my french toast as well. It was so yummy!

Our weekend was filled with visits from both our siblings. We played Rook over and over again. I just can't get enough of that game! First, we played with McKay and Holly, and then again with Julia and her boyfriend Braddy. We had a nice picnic with Mac and Holly up Provo canyon and enjoyed some of the best food in town later that night: Cafe Rio. I made bacon wrapped chicken for Julia and Braddy on Sunday night, TOTALLY forgetting the fact that Braddy was a vegetarian! Ooops. He was very gracious and ate some chicken anyway. I felt so silly. 

It was a great Valentines Day and a fun weekend. I'm so glad I have such a thoughtful and sweet husband :)

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  1. AND... You got the best call from your best friend that she is GETTING MARRIED!! just sayin :) lol you two are too cute I love reading your blog!!

  2. I love this! Especially the charger cord for a gift :)


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