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A lot has been happening lately. Here are some of the things that made me REALLY grateful for a vacation: Final projects all over the place, sorting thousands of tests at the testing center, internship interview, planning an arts summer conference, school, the Praxis, Lendrum's looming mcat, and an awfully cold winter! We were ready for some party time in South Carolina, but poor Lendrum had to study almost every day we were there. I got some studying done too, of course, out on the back porch in my swimsuit. No, really! I did actually study.

Here's the best part of South Carolina: family. And, speaking of family, I am getting another sister! That's right, McKay is engaged! August 17 is the day. I love weddings, and I love McKay and Holly, so I'm sure August 17 will just be the best day. They came to SC a couple days before Lendrum and I left to go back to Provo, so we got to hang out for a little bit. Lendrum and I spent the first five days watching Devin and Chase while Stephanie and Kevin were on their cruise to the Bahamas! You might be thinking, "That doesn't sound like much fun, waking up at 5:30am every morning and babysitting all week." But you are forgetting one very important thing: the pantry is stocked with the BEST food! Ok, ok, these kids are pretty awesome too. Actually, Devin and Chase are probably the sweetest, funniest, and most genuine boys I've ever met. Hanging out with them for a week was truly my pleasure and I'd do anything for them. 

While the younglings were at school, Lendrum studied. Thank goodness Kori kept me sane by taking me to the beach, pilates class, picking strawberries with Kacey and Channing, looking at some sweet Southern neighborhoods, and I can't forget Ace Hardware! The weather was kind of gloomy and rainy,  but of course we still had fun. Lendrum and I loved hanging out with Kori and Rhen every night. I miss them so much!! Don't worry though, Kori and I now have matching skirts, to help ease the pain. You can check it out on instagram, an app that THIS GIRL finally has. #dinosaur

Let's be honest, when Stephanie and Kevin came back, no studying got done. We had so much fun in Myrtle Beach at Dev's basketball tournament. We also had a lovely day downtown where we ate a delightful Southern meal at Magnolia's, strolled through Waterfront Park, visited Market Street, and had the best free praline samples you'll ever eat. This day was beautiful and sunny and we topped it off with some yummy pizza. And you just never grow out of pizza or sunny days.

I love South Carolina, but most of all I love my family there. I am so blessed. 

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