Ranch Reunion

9:56:00 AM

Last weekend we visited one of my favorite places in the whole world. We so much fun reuniting with family and friends and doing all the fun things there is to do at the ranch. There is just something beautiful about being there, away from everything else. And I went to my first rodeo! Definitely a good weekend.

We did some fun water activities too. Don't worry, that is NOT me jumping off that cliff. It's the brave Sammy Vandermerwe! She was dying to jump, unlike me who was perfectly content taking photographs. What I DID do was ride down "the flume." It this half pipe canal of water that sits up above the Bear River over the canyon. The water flows down pretty fast, so it's a ton of fun riding across the canyon! But the only way back across the canyon is to walk along these old wood boards that are set up across the top of the flume. It is a little scary at first, but after you get your balance, it's nothing.

We loved spending time with these girls! And I was glad they were there so I could have some company while playing with the bunnies. Speaking of bunnies, Lendrum and I are now the proud owners of Lasso and Spur, two adorable little babes! We tried to name them after their Idaho ranch roots.

We really had the best weekend up at the ranch. Four wheeling, shooting, fishing, swimming, animal loving, and just being with good friends and family: there's nothing better.

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