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We've had a lot of hard decisions to make lately. Which is why it was nice to spend a week where my hardest decision was "What should I eat for dinner tonight?" or "Should I get seconds on ice cream?" I took advantage of my spring break this year by going on a little cruise with my teacher friend Katie! Now, you're probably thinking we went to some crazy awesome place. We didn't. We went to Catalina Island and Ensenada, Mexico. But you know what, it was sure fun and it sure was better than staying home and doing nothing while Lendrum went to school and studied. We both had never been on a cruise and found a sweet deal on this we went! I have to say, I missed Lendrum A WHOLE LOT. But it really was a nice vacation. And sometimes you just have to get the heck out of Provo!

Catalina Island was our first stop. We had a blast riding bikes around the island and along the water. The weather was perfect and sunny. Then we went back to the ship for some lunch and then went back out for parasailing! What fun! Beautiful views and just so peaceful up there above the water.

Ocean views all cruise long

Avalon Bay

Parasailing! What up!

Beautiful day at Catalina

Ensenada was next. What a city! If you haven't been, it's just a dirty town on the water in Baja California. We did a little shopping and had fun just walking around the shops and working on our assertiveness as we turned down hopeful sellers. One guy spent like 10 minutes trying to sell us a plant. So random. Katie and I were both wearing headbands and sunglasses, so one guy told us there were "hippie styles inside!"

Almost free! Today only!

The last day was a "fun day at sea." Or, "cloudy and cold day at sea." We lathered on the sunscreen, put on our swimsuits, and brought our towels and books outside only to realize that it was windy and cold. It stayed like that the whole day, unfortunately.

Comedy night

The next morning after we got off the ship, we obviously went to DISNEYLAND. I love Disneyland so much, and sadly, Lendrum does not share the same enthusiasm. Don't get me wrong, he likes it, just not quite to the same degree as I do. I think this trip has satisfied my Disneyland least for a while. The best part was meeting up with some of my favorite teachers from work! The worst part was Indiana Jones was closed.

So much fun to see these two!

The drive back to Utah took us TWELVE hours, thanks to the cattle rancher protesters and lots of road work. But what a wonderful trip! It was definitely nice to relax and have fun for a week. I am happy to be back with my sweet husband though. Oh, and we graduate from college in a week and a half!

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