Back to the Frozen Land

8:16:00 PM

Honestly, I was kind of excited to come back to BYU and start my last semester of college classes. This excitement, however, lasted until about three seconds after I stepped out of the airport in Salt Lake City. It was COLD! And I'm not talking about the "cold" in California or South Carolina, I mean it was zero degrees when I woke up the next morning. Not cool, Utah!

This semester is definitely going to be my busiest. I already started to feel overwhelmed with the first week of school. Lendrum has been busy studying for the MCAT. But I'm sure in a few years we will look back on this time period and laugh at how we thought we were so busy. One of the highlights of our week was our grand trip to Costco with our new Costco card that we got for Christmas! I felt so cool showing the lady at the entrance our card. Our favorite product: goat cheese, of course! 

As of now, the New Years resolutions are happening, with one exception. I left my running shoes in South Carolina!! Although it has been nice to get an extra hour of sleep every morning, I hate not being able to work out. I guess I could run in my Vans...But not to worry, my shoes are in the mail and on their way to Utah! I guess they just wanted to stay in warm SC a bit longer. I have already seen such a big difference when I read my scriptures in the morning and start my day off right. I really want to keep this goal up because I can see the impact it can have on my life. 

One more side note: I made a DELICIOUS white chili two nights ago! I was rather impressed. Hopefully this is a good sign for my cooking in 2013. 

I miss this

First Costco trip with our membership!

This could be a problem 
Today I spent $30 to print out a fake teaching license. Really?

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