New Year, New Blog

7:47:00 PM

Finally, I'm back in the blogging business! I've been meaning to make a new blog ever since we got married back in August. Time was just not my friend last semester and I never got around to it. But now, I am just relaxing in South Carolina with Lendrum's family and I found some time to accomplish my long awaited goal! I ditched the old blog and have started up a new one for the adventures of my life with my husband.

Looking back, 2012 was a busy year! It all started in April when the man of my dreams proposed at sunset on Sullivan's Island, SC. What a memorable thing that was. Being back in South Carolina reminds me so much of that time. After the engagement, it was planning, planning, and more planning! We were married August 4th in the San Diego Temple. Best day of my life. I have since enjoyed almost five months with my wonderful husband! After an amazing honeymoon in HAWAII and a beautiful open house in South Carolina, we found ourselves back at BYU for another round of school. I had the opportunity to meet President Samuelson and speak at a President's Leadership Council, which was a really unique opportunity. My best friend left on her mission and it has been so fun to hear about her life in the MTC so far. I also began my first practicum and taught kindergarten for a month. I learned so much from my darling students! This year, I have seen myself grow in ways that have surprised me. I have gained a lot of confidence in my ability as a teacher. I have learned how to manage my time between school, work, teaching, and spending time with Lendrum. I have begun to understand just a tiny bit of the sacrifice Lendrum and I will have to make with medical school. I have also grown spiritually and have further learned the importance of an eternal family. I have seen the hand of the Lord in my life so many times this year.

Although New Years is not my favorite holiday in the world, I do enjoy the chance to make my new years resolutions! Here are a few of my goals for this next year:

  • Read for pleasure
  • Make a greater effort to keep in touch with my friends
  • Scripture study in the MORNING
  • Kneel more often when I pray and make my prayers more meaningful
  • Exercise every day. For reals. 
  • Make an effort to eat healthier. More fruits and vegetables
2013 is going to be an awesome year! Bring it on!

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